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our team

CEO Abdu Moti.
Administrative director Abdu Sigal.
Animal laboratory technician Hadar Abdu.
Laboratory technician .
Scientific advisor Prof. Abdo Uri
Scientific consultant Dr. Anya Bhart.

Many years of experience

Our laboratory was established in 2018
During the year 2018, Prof. Abdo Uri and Dr. Aniya Baharat helped us with advice to build a process protocol for sex testing for parrots. For almost half a year, we tested hundreds of types of winged animals, we were helped by different breeders who sent us blood samples of known parrots of their kind in order to prove and make sure that we perform the test according to the protocol and get a result according to the parrot’s species. And we carried out the same process to identify tick and feather diseases and chlamydia. We are still developing additional disease detection.

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